For many home owners a loft conversion can be a perfect solution for creating extra space in a house if further requirements are needed. This space could be required for many reasons. The homeowner may be unable to sell their house for a bigger house due to the economic climate or other reasons. With this in mind the owner may be a family unit with children getting bigger or more children coming along. It may be at the other end of the spectrum that the owner needs to look after an ailing family member and requires an extra room. Or it just may be the owner wants a space to relax away from the world, there can be many reasons to need a loft conversion. But it also brings with it a certain amount of upheaval and stress. The building and conversion work, whilst in the end an added bonus to the value of a property, can go on for many weeks or months. Builders, planners and surveyors will be present at a house at various times. Not to mention the dust, mess and noise caused by having the work done on site.

Moduloft has a unique solution to all this.

We build the loft conversion offsite. We have a process to the build we call Your Journey. With meticulous planning and years of loft conversion experience, Moduloft can create a swift and stress free solution for your extra space requirements. Your loft conversion will arrived complete with electrics, sockets and more, already installed. You are even able to visit the factory whilst the loft is being created to make sure there are no mistakes and you are happy with the final results.

We will then literally arrive with your Moduloft on a transporter. The excitement builds around this day as it will all take place in a matter of hours, we will take off your current roof and crane/lift your new one into place. Once the Moduloft is in place we can then complete inside, this process can take up to 2-3 weeks.