Photo RestorationPhoto Restoration

Old Photo Restoration can bring your tatty and faded photos back to life. All they need is a little TLC.

Photo Restoration can save images that have faded over time. Any photos you have around the home can become tired looking. Colour fades, detail become harder to see, and physical damage can make photos look tatty.

When a photo looks past its best most of us either reach for a new picture, or re-print a fresh copy. Discarding the old photo in the process. However, you can’t do that if the photo you have is old, or one of a kind. If the picture is sentimental then you need to look at photo restoration as the solution.

Enter companies such as Fix Your Pix who specialise in photo repairing and retouching.

If the photo is ripped, or tatty around the edges, then it’s possible to repair those damaged photos. A high quality digital copy is made, and then the process of photo restoration is carried out by a specialist. Removing any visible damage, and restoring colour that may have faded over time. Bringing your treasured picture back to life for many years to come.

The same process can also be used if part of the photo is missing and needs restoring. The missing section can be restored from other parts of the picture. Much in the same way you see photos manipulated for fun on Instagram, or Facebook. Just minus the comedy element.

You can either send the original by post, or you can email a digital copy to be worked on. We find many clients happily are able to just photograph the photo using a mobile device or digital camera.

Once the digital version of your photograph has been repaired, and any required enhancements made, it can be re-printed onto the finest quality photo paper. Ensuring your picture looks better than the day it was taken. Nobody will be able to tell that it’s a repaired photograph, and not the original. The final re-printed photo is then shipped back to you along with the original, which can be kept safe to prevent further damage.

Just because a picture isn’t digital in origin, is faded, ripped, or otherwise damaged. It doesn’t mean it can’t be lovingly restored. Taking pride of place once more in your home. If you are interested in seeing some samples of work completed by Fix-Your-Pix then CLICK HERE to visit the website.