It is quite common for people to use their spare bedroom as an office space or hobby room rather than a place to cater for potential family members when they come to visit. More and more people are starting up small businesses from their home or even using their home as an office to work remotely from. It is important if you are going to build yourself a study for work purposes that you make sure the ambiance is just right, to minimize distractions and help you achieve as much as possible.
Position your workstation where there is most natural light, your computer, tablet and phone are all emitting a blue light which affects the brain and disturbs sleep patterns, by allowing natural light to flood the room, your eyes are getting a break from these blue emissions.
Having a lot of clutter around you can have an affect on your mind set, ensure that there is plenty of storage space in the office for you to keep all your documents and equipment out of the way. You should be able to focus more on your work if you are in a clutter free environment.
Ensure that you have refreshments close to hand at all times as dehydration and hunger can affect your productivity and concentration. You will find in the majority of large office spaces that employees are provided with free hot drinks vending machines or bottled water coolers, perhaps install a mini fridge and kettle close to your desk to keep breaks to a minimum.
Studies have shown that productivity can increase by up to 25% by a well designed office. If this is a serious venture you may want to consult an interior designer who can help you best organize your floor plan and advise you best on any design ideas.
The home office has become a popular phenomenon, especially with new developments in technology allowing people to start up businesses from their own homes with just a computer, you will find that you environment is always having a subconscious affect on you, that’s why it is so important to make sure your office space is just right to ensure you are doing the best job you can possibly done.