For decades people have enjoyed holidaying in the UK, from a day out to the coast to a weekend away in the lake district, one popular means of holidaying is motorhomes: The motorhome fates back to 1910
when Pierce-Arrow introduced the Touring Landau at the Madison Square Garden Auto Show. The vehicle was designed to suit campers.
In the 1920’s manufacturers began to create panel van conversions and bus conversions for campers. The production was halted during World War 2 and would not resume again until the 1950s, it was at this point that designers began grafting trailer bodies on to the chassis of a bus or truck which was the beginning of the motorhome as we know it.
Raymond Frank created the initial craze of motorhomes after designing his first motorhome in 1958, Frank’s motorhome caught the eye of other campers who asked him to build them similar vehicles, by 1960 Frank had sold 7 and opened Frank Motorhomes, Frank Motorhomes became the number one manufactuer for motorhomes. Soon after other companies began to produce motorhomes, and the Winnebego was designed under the direction of John Hanson.
Over the years there have been many different manufacturers and designs of motorhomes on the market, one of the most popular designers in the market currently is Scot Naylor who owns Vantage Motorhomes. Scot is very highly regarded amongst motorhome enthusiasts for the high quality build quality of his motorhome van conversions. Scot started out as a carpenter so the character of the furnishings and interior is second to none. The quality of the Vantage van conversions is possibly the best in the UK. There are various other manufactures for panel van conversions and other motorhome van coversions but none offer the same build quality and level of customer service that Vantage do.
Campers often invest a lot of money and time into their motorhomes to create a home away from home, making the most comfortable holiday experience possible by decorating and furnishing their motorhomes to the same standard they would their home. Motorhoming has become a serious hobby for some, with associations like the Caravan club for enthusiasts to meet and share their passion for motorhomes and motorhome van conversions. You can have a look at vantage’s range of vans at Vantage Motorhomes.