Blu Homes mkSolaire, a green building designed by Michelle Kaufmann

Due to threats about the reducing number of fossil fuels that will be available in years to come, people have been consciously trying to reduce their carbon footprint in several ways, one of which is in the home:

You may have noticed houses with solar panels on the roof. Solar panels create energy from the sun. In rare cases where you can generate more electricity than you are using, you can sell it back to your energy supplier.

There are more subtle ways to reduce your home’s carbon emissions, one way is to ensure your house is adequately insulated and has the best windows and door possible, to keep in heat and therefore reducing the amount of central heating you use.

You can also star growing your own vegetables. Not only is this rewarding and saves you money at the supermarket, but it also creates a great safe haven for certain types of wildlife. You could even build a bird box or squirrel feeder.

The most popular way of reducing emissions is currently by switching to more energy efficient electronics and utilities, whether this be low energy washing machines or heating devices such as wood boilers. There are a range of manufacturers of wood boilers and pellet boilers for the Eco conscious or those living without electricity, such as these available from French manufacturer PERGE. The boilers can run free of electricity, using renewable fuels such as wood heating pellets and heating granules. It is always worthwhile looking at your boilers efficiency, while they can be expensive to replace, they can be a much cheaper option in the long run.


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