The right fireplace for your home

Does your home have a fireplace? If it does are you happy with it and if it doesn’t have you thought about how a fireplace could transform your home? Fireplaces can be installed in most households these days and you don’t even have to have a chimney. A beautiful fireplace can make all the difference to the look of a room and can create a truly breath-taking centrepiece in a classic or contemporary style.

If you are able to visit a retail showroom in person you have the benefit of face-to-face advice as well as seeing a range of fireplaces displayed and working. However you don’t have to visit a showroom in person to find the right fireplace as you can view a vast range of possibilities online. Once you are confident about where you will buy your fireplace you then will need to decide the style of fireplace that will suit your home. As a centrepiece to your home it is important that the look fits your home and now more than ever before the array of designs means there is something for everyone.

Victorian, Marble, Granite, Wooden and Limestone fireplaces all present a different look. Once you establish the style that’s right for you the next aspect is choosing the correct fireplace type. Depending on your individual home a good retailer will guide you through the options that include gas fires, electric fires and flueless fires, that don’t require a chimney. Flueless fires have a catalytic converter so the only by-products are water vapour and carbon dioxide that are dispersed with adequate ventilation. If your concerned a gas fire could be expensive to run and not eco-friendly then there are great high efficiency gas fires on the market which could save you up to 55% on your gas bills with less environmental impact.

Good retailers will offer a wide range of quality products as well as a high level of customer service and after sales support. On top of this the retailer you buy from should be able to carry out an installation survey before the installation and this must by carried out by fully trained, qualified fitter.

Author Bio: This blog post was written by Rory Chimes on behalf of Direct Fires Online who are one of the UK’s leading online fire and fireplace retailers.