How to Incorporate Animal Printed Curtain Into Living Room Decor

Animal prints can be used to create a numerous different effects in your living space; from a blend of wild and sexy decor to a sophisticated yet earthy look. Animal printed curtains are relatively easy to incorporate into your living room and still achieve the desired decor. This is largely because the beauty of the prints wears so well with any interior design.

Where the curtains are used as a funky statement and alongside different styles of furniture, you can easily incorporate the curtains to create a theme and make it fit altogether for a stunning and delightful finished effect. Leaf through the following editorial for some tips on how you can incorporate animal printed curtains into your living room decor.

The most common and acknowledged animal prints are zebra, tiger and the leopard skin prints. However, you can find curtains with unique animal prints that include a touch of ethnic patterns such as chunky embroidery or the use of earthy palettes. This kind of design is informally referred to as “Africa chic”. Here is how you can use such curtains to elevate the look in your living room.

*Tip 1
First and foremost, determine which animal print will were effortlessly with the pre-existing decor in your living room, especially the varied styles of timber. This entails furniture, curtain boxes, the floor if it is wooden and any other wooden accessories in the living space. Zebra print curtains for example, can be used with bold yet modern pieces of furniture to create a cutting edge style of decoration.

*Tip 2
If you are a lover of nature, you can choose to create an African safari-style interior. The blend of animal prints and color palettes on the curtain will help you to develop a look that depicts the great African savanna. Choose curtain colors that will elevate such theme. The best colors in this case are ranges of browns and splashes of green. Just to attract attention to the curtains, you can hang a few pieces of African motifs or curved masks.

*Tips 3
You can also use animal print curtains in your living room to create a British colonial-style effect. This is for the lovers of history. Tiger print curtains, together with a combination of different Victorian design elements will greatly help you showcase your interest in history. As for the furniture, dark wood with wicker and leather insets are the perfect choice for this kind of decor.

*Tip 4
As afore-mentioned, you can develop a funky look with animal print curtains. Yet again, zebra printed curtains are the best accessories for this adornment. You can paint your walls white and the curtain boxes black and add a few matching colors to elevate the monochrome color scheme.

*Tip 5
Go for wild animal printed curtains. However,paint your walls with neutral colors to avoid creating an over-the-top, garnish look. If your space is big, you can use an animal printed carpet or an animal printed border placed along the top of the walls to bring more animal magnetism into the living room.

When using animal print curtains to decorate your living room, it is important that you use other animal accessories sparingly. This will help you avoid a cluttered look. The animal curtains should look noticeable and help you create that animalistic, African savannah scenery you so desire.