Most modern-built homes these days have similar themes running through the interior of the house in terms of interior design. A contemporary design will stand the test of time for longer and will do well to attract buyers, impress visitors and relax the owners. There are several elements that need to be addressed in order to successfully create a contemporary feel and the living room is perhaps the most important room to appease when styling the home in such a manner.

Starting as you would with any room, the décor needs to be applied in a certain way. Soft, light colours should be used mainly throughout the room, but also, pockets of bright colours need to be used and can be used in different ways. A feature wall is a popular choice for many and can be achieved by using either bright, patterned wallpaper or with a lick of vibrant paint. The flooring also needs to follow neutral tones and have a slightly nondescript nature. This allows for better use of accessories such as rugs and coffee tables, the soft colour of the floor bringing out the best in the items on top of it. Wooden flooring is also a popular choice, but only tends work best in a larger room when designing with contemporary styling.

As for the furniture, the use of angles and straight lines should be predominantly used; sofas should be styled into strong geometric shapes and tables (sidetables coffee tables) should also stand out in the room and catch the eye. Colour can be added through the use of pillows and lampshades, whereas furniture should be dark so to contrast with the colour of the walls and floors, so the use of dark wooden furniture is a good choice. Even types of furniture such as French furniture can be effective in a contemporary living room.

Personalise the space through the use of artwork and eclectic items for tables and floor space; the more minimalistic the items the better and get creative with the space and think carefully about how to use it most efficiently. The use of floor lamps is advised in a contemporary living room and ceiling lights should not be of the traditional sort and spotlights tend to be a popular choice for a modern designed room. Although minimalism is the aim, don’t feel that lots of space has to be left; items such as candles and books are great ways to fill the space and the best way to implement them can be to get floating shelves or hollow cabinets.

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