Tips To Make Best Use Of Old Furniture And Ornaments

Home improvement means ushering in a bold new look for your rooms and often introducing new furniture and other new elements to make sure that it really looks great. At the same time it means coming up with a new layout plan for your room and getting to really express yourself by making your room reflect your personality and the way that you want to use it.

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At the same time though there is a flip side to this that rarely gets mentioned – as while you are bringing lots of exciting new things in, this means that you need to get rid of a lot of your old and beloved furniture and ornaments. You need to do away with the old in order to make way for the new and this can sometimes be sad as well as seeming like a waste if it just ends up in the skip. But fear not – there is no reason for anything to end up in the skip when there is so much else that you can do with it. Here we will look at some of the best uses for your old furniture and other decorations.

Repurposing: One of the very most creative and efficient uses for old furniture is simply to repurpose it by doing a little DIY and converting it into something new. For instance if you have an old bed then that’s a lot of wood that is perfect for any number of tasks. You can turn this into a box to keep in your garden for example, or you can turn it into a small cupboard if you take off the legs and use wood glue to attach the slats. There are many different uses for this raw material and you really needn’t see it go to waste. Making garden furniture in particular is a very good move as it doesn’t have to look quite so neat as the furniture indoors. You can even just use things like planks of wood and screws and nails from your furniture in order to repair other items that may be broken.

Passing On: Just because you no longer have space or use for your old bed or wardrobe doesn’t mean it’s no use to anyone and there are probably plenty of people out there who would be very grateful to receive such an item of furniture. If you can’t give your item away then you might find that you are able to sell it at a carboot sale, or give it to a charity shop. These are also particularly useful ways to get rid of smaller ornaments that don’t have so much of a practical use.

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Save: You might also just want to hang on to your old furniture for future use – if you are likely to move to a bigger property in future or to have another resident of your home one day, then this is good forward planning and in the interim you can always store your items in the loft, in a personal storage unit or at a friend’s home.

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