Minimalism is in in a big way. The origins of this design convention seem to be in the success of minimalistic Apple hardware, and the general advantage of using minimalist web designs that load quicker and look cleaner online; but also probably have something to do with the general push for reducing waste and clutter. Minimalism is by nature an appealing look because it’s elegant and efficient – it means doing more with less, and it means not being ostentatious or ‘in your face’ with your look.

just the things needed (no clutter)

Creating a minimalist look in your home then is a good way to make your home look instantly modern and much more elegant. Here we will look at how to accomplish that.

minimalist living room look- "i do not like furniture"
Do Away With Unnecessary Flourishes: When choosing your furniture, your door knobs, your containers and the rest, try to pick things that are smooth and that don’t have lots of flamboyant details. A tap for instance can be a straight piece of chrome with a sensor – it doesn’t need to have a gold pattern around the handle.

Wacky new furniture

Chaise Lounge: A chaise lounge fits perfectly into a minimalist room or apartment why? Because it is minimalist in its design itself. This is chair that’s made out of one curved piece of material and so it perfectly expressed the principles of minimalism. Look for other things like this that do away with unnecessary aspects – even if they look unconventional at first.


Rounded Corners: Rounded corners are somehow minimalist – probably because they create a more gentle visual impact on the eye while at the same time using less material. To accomplish this you can choose furniture and objects that are rounded to an extent, but if you don’t want to replace all your furniture you can even just file off the edges of your existing pieces (make sure they aren’t plywood though which will just make a mess).

my girl gets into the retro

Reduce Clutter: You may love your ornaments and collections and want to display them, but you’re making a mistake if you think that more is more. The reality is that your items will all look better if you have fewer of them. This way you can pick only the things you are really proud of and that are really nice to stand out and that way they will get more attention and the ‘average’ quality of what’s on display will increase. If you own a beautiful handmade statue why would surround it with tacky china?
One thing that’s often worth doing is to simply take a bunch of your items and then sell them off so that you can then use the money you’ve raised to buy just one or two nicer items. Be ruthless and even if you can’t bring yourself to throw out your clutter at least hide it in a cupboard or loft where it won’t make such a big impact on the room.

Mazzali: "Krea" bookcase / libreria "Krea". Living and office area

Improve Storage: Improving your storage will at once help you to keep your rooms tidier – because you’ll have storage ready to place the items – and at the same time let you keep fewer items on display around the room that you’re currently using.