Classic, well made wooden furniture has a lovely look which is always popular. Its neutral colour goes with most colour schemes and it adds a natural element to your home. On top of that it’s durable and lasts for years, but you do need to take care of it to really get the best from it.

We are great believers in the benefits of wood. Here are some tips for caring for your wood furniture and getting the best from it:

  • Treat the surface with wax polish every 6 months or so. This keeps it protected and in good condition. You’ll be able to see from the surface quality the difference it makes. It’s a good idea to check with the vendor when you buy it what they think the best type of surface treatment is, but wax polishes are easy to get hold of.
  • A lot of wood’s weight is water. The humidity of the room it’s in can, therefore, be important. A couple of house plants are a great way to keep the room balanced if you’re house is prone to damp.
  • Blot up spills immediately. Liquids can soak in and stain quickly, but if you blot them up straight away you should be fine. Treating the surface regularly will also help minimise the effect of spillages.
  • Minimise direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can discolour the wood. This might not bother you too much and you might be more concerned with having your furniture in a convenient place, and this is your decision. Just be aware that there will be an effect and you might end up with patches on your furniture.
  • Don’t put the furniture by radiators or air conditioning. Heat and air conditioning can make wood dry out and warp, so try to avoid putting it right by a source of heat.
  • If the wood does dry it could crack. If this happens, don’t panic. Brushing wood alcohol thinner over the surface will restore it.
  • Use felt backed table mats and coasters on tables to avoid scratches and heat damage.

One final tip: at the end of the day a piece of furniture is there to be used and should become part of your house, home and life. Don’t worry too much about marks and don’t obsess about keeping it pristine. Over time small marks will add character and will be a sign that the item has enhanced your life.

If you want more advice when you buy wooden furniture, ask the vendor for advice as most should be able to provide you with a few tips.