Set Up Your Own Man Cave And Be The Envy Of Your Friends

Are you sick and tired of your wife choosing whatÆs on television every night? Every man needs his own space. Somewhere he can head to after work and relax. Do his own things. Does this sound like something you would like?

All you need to do is find a spare room you can turn into a man cave and fit it out with everything a man should have. Have a look at the list and take some inspiration about some of the things you could have.

A reclining leather chair

Every king needs a throne. What better way to be totally comfortable than your own reclining leather chair. Kick yourself back and enjoy a few cold beers, or relax while you watch your favorite television program. You could spend hours in this each day and never feel like getting up.

A widescreen TV

Everything will revolve around your massive widescreen TV. You can hook up your DVD player, games console, music system, and of course your cable.

Watch all of your sports in HD and never miss a bit of the action. ItÆs almost like your own home cinema room.

Keep your beers cold

This is your chance to be as lazy as possible. That means you donÆt want to have to walk all the way to the kitchen when you want a cold beer. You wonÆt have to if you have your very own refrigerator. It can also house all your favorite chocolate bars and cake. Lots of cake.

Practice your aim

For sport you need a dartboard. You can invite all your friends around on a Friday night when the wifeÆs out with her own friends. Open the fridge, grab some beers and relax over a friendly game of darts. Your aim will become so good you will be the envy of everyone down at the pub.

Games console

Any man cave wouldnÆt be the same without a games console. You need to be able to sit up until the middle of the night battling players from countries you havenÆt even heard of. The biggest choice is what one to get. ItÆs always easier in these situations to get one of every kind. You donÆt want to be stuck playing the same one all the time.

Your very own bar

Become the bouncer of your very own bar. You get to choose who gets in. You get to choose who gets served. Portable bars are pretty common these days and you can fill them up with all your favorites. You can even buy your own beer tap and keep your own keg. Never run out of beer again.

Turn it into a disco

Set up the biggest stereo system you can find and blast your tunes all night, or at least until the police knock on your door. Even if you donÆt want to play it loud itÆs a great way to unwind after work and listen to all your favorite tracks.

Anyone for pool?

I suppose this option is only suitable if you have a pretty big house. Maybe you can fit a pool table into a small room, but you wonÆt be able to move. Still, if you have the room itÆs a great thing to add to the man cave collection.

Kim Kieth works for a MNC company as an Administrative Head who looks after office business. She loves decorating homes so in her spare time she writes blogs on renovating homes and home improvement on