Home Improvement for Both of You – How to Make Changes That You Can Both Enjoy

When you get to the stage in your life where you’re likely to be interested in home improvement, there are likely also several other things that are likely to be going on and you are likely to be at a particular stage in your life.

In short you are likely to be living with your partner and probably married, and this means unfortunately that you’re never quite likely to be able to build the dream house that you’ve always wanted because it also has to be their dream house.

When you were younger you might have dreamed of having a particular type of living room and décor, or of having your own home gym, or of having furniture that was as quirky and odd as you could possibly find – but now you actually have the ability – the know how and the funds – you need to compromise with the other people you’re living with.

And chances are they might be feeling the same way. If you’ve always wanted a home office, there’s a chance they’re always wanted a walk-in wardrobe. If you’ve always wanted a Jacuzzi bath, perhaps they’ve always wanted their own swimming pool. So what can you do and how do you avoid arguments?

Choose Your Home Wisely

If at all possible then it’s a good idea to choose your home with your future improvements in mind. Talk about the things you’d like to have in a dream home each of you, and then try to look out for a home that could accommodate all these things. If one of you wants their own personal library, and one of you wants a home gym – then having just one spare room to redecorate might be a bad move.

Take it in Turns

One solution is to take it in turns so that you each get a different opportunity. So if one of you gets to make the home gym this time, then the next time you renovate a room the other person should get to choose what that ultimately becomes.

Of course there tends to be quite a bit of time redecorate. As such then you may want to consider  renovating whole rooms, and it’s not every day that rooms present themselves for you to redecorate as you see fit. For that reason then you can always make other deals and arrangements – for instance if one of you chooses to make the room into a walk-in-wardrobe then perhaps the other person gets to have that widescreen TV in the living room that you’ve wanted. Bargaining can ensure that neither of you feels you got the short straw, and you can this way ensure you are both happy and everyone wins.


Another option is to compromise and there are many ways you can do this – for instance you might decide that while neither of you can have that room that you have always dreamed of, one of you could maybe have something a little less unusual and obtuse. Maybe you don’t let them have a home gym for instance, but they can have a games room instead. Of course the best scenario is to come up with something that you can both appreciate, but of course that’s not always possible.

A Room Each

Another good option is to have a room that is each of yours if you have the space. This gives you both a space that you can make into your own and do what you want with so that neither of you feels stifled. However if you can’t both have your own room, you might instead opt to have one of the rooms in the house each to be ‘more yours’ so that one of you decides the overall look of the living room, and the other one gets final say on the conservatory for instance.

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