Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Spare Bedroom And Make Guests Feel Welcome

If you are lucky enough to have visitors staying over you want to make it as comfortable as possible for them. Think about how you’d like to be treated if you were staying in someone else’s home. What kind of things would you like them to offer? You should treat guests the way you’d expect to be treated.

If anything else, it gives them a good impression to take away. This can be important if it’s the in-laws. You don’t want them to hate you because they didn’t feel welcome in your home. Here are some important things to consider before you have anyone stay the night.


Can the door close properly?

If anyone is staying they will want their privacy. The last thing they need is the door to be wide open when they are trying to get dressed or go to sleep. It’s going to make them feel instantly uncomfortable. They need their own sanctuary. Try to imagine how you’d feel if you were trying to have a private conversation and you though people could be listening to you.






Make sure there’s a bedside table

A bedside table is important if someone doesn’t feel comfortable walking around your home in the middle of the night. They will probably want to take a glass of water to bed with them and they need somewhere to put it. Don’t make them put it on the floor. In case they want to read, it’s also important you have a lamp to go with it.


How will they get up?

It’s pretty weird staying at someone’s home and having them wake you up in the morning. People are going to want to wake up on their own. If they don’t have their own alarm clock this is going to be hard, unless they wake up in their own time. Don’t think for a minute they want to be lying in bed all day while everyone else is up and about. Be courteous and give them an alarm clock.

Keep them warm

You can make sure the temperature of the room is warm enough to stop them freezing in the middle of the night. It’s always better to have the room too hot than too cold. If they are feeling the heat they can always open a window. You could even supply them with extra blankets in case they want to use them. It’s a nice gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

Phone charging station


They might need an outlet

You won’t really know what someone has in their luggage. There’s a good chance they will have a mobile phone and more than likely will want to charge it up. Having a spare outlet means they don’t need to leave their phone lying around your house. There’s lots of other appliances that need power and they will have at least one thing they need to charge.

Will they be able to find the bathroom?

This could be the most important thing in the whole list. If your guest bedroom doesn’t have an en-suite bathroom they are going to need to use the main toilet. They don’t know your house as well as you do and it’s going to be dark. Will they be able to find their way to the bathroom without falling down the stairs? Maybe you should keep a light on just in case.

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