Get More Organization in Your Bedroom: Storage Beds

Let’s face it; we all could use some additional storage in our bedrooms. It is easy to accumulate many items over the years and a room flows much more beautifully when everything has a proper place to call ‘home’. Today we are going to discuss one of our personal favorite ways to store those items that you just can’t seem to find the right location for: in a storage bed. Once you have had your own storage bed, it is hard to even comprehend how you ever had a ‘regular’ bed. They are definitely life-changing items that simplify your entire bedroom.

Which Option Is Best For Me?

Storage beds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Two of our personal favorites these days are platform storage beds and storage beds with bookcase headboards.

Platform storage beds give you the perfect combination of beautiful design along with a great amount of storage. Not only do these beds offer your storage within them via the various drawers but they also give you plenty of space beneath them to store even more items. If you have a bed curtain, you can easily hide the fact that you are using the bottom of your bed for storage. Can you imagine just how many possibilities can open up once you have less clutter in your room? We also love this style because it keeps your mattress much cleaner, as it isn’t close to the ground so dust is a problem of the past.

Bookcase headboards are a fantastic addition to any type of bed but when coupled with a storage bed, you are able to maximize the amount of space you have for your favorite possessions. A bookcase headboard not only allows you to store your favorite books but all of your favorite items such as photos, decorative art and maybe even stuffed animals. This type of bookshelf gives your bedroom that flair that truly makes it your own; giving you the best of both worlds.

Create a Larger Bedroom

Storage beds are perfect for apartments or small homes where you may not have access to a garage or an attic and closet space is limited. They allow you to get the most out of the rooms in your home, getting rid of the need for dressers and other large storage bins or items.

A Clean Looking Room

With the help of a storage bed, your room can be more organized than ever before. You are never again going to have to wonder where you are going to fit all of your belongings. These types of beds are very easy to assemble and keep clean.

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Getting the Best Deal Out There

There is a wide selection of storage beds available on the web for very affordable prices. Whenever selecting a bed, it is always important to consider the size that is going to work best for your room, the style you are looking for (to better match the theme of your room) and what type of budget you are planning to stick to. We think the most important item in your bedroom is your bed because it is the piece of furniture that brings everything together.

Prior to storage beds, our beds were simply based on comfort and design but now we have the added benefit of being able to organize our bedrooms better. When selecting your very first storage bed, choose it wisely and you’ll be glad you did! These babies last quite a long time and are something you are definitely going to want to show off to your friends and family. Who knows, you may even convert them to buy their own!

The author, Swift Lee, is a home improvement blogger and shares home improvement tips though his guest posts. He recommends visiting the Sleep Room, online solution experts for luxury beds and other furniture.