Cane Furniture; an Elegant yet Low Cost Furnishing Option

 Whilst many just treat their home as a roof over their head and don’t put a lot of thought into its décor, there are also many who relish this space and want to bring their own style and personality to the way it is laid out and furnished. This involves paying significant attention to the smallest details around the rooms of the home, including the contrast of colours and fabrics, patterns and pictures, attention to space and light, as well as the angles and lines created within the space. The type of raw material used in furnishings is another aspect to consider as it influences the overall ambiance and can be selected in accordance with your principles and preferences. For example, using aluminium or plastic furniture can be eco friendly, yet project a more modern image that may not be to your taste if you prefer antique style wooden furniture. However, those who are looking for something relaxing and unique, a superb option may be found in versatile and elegant cane furniture.

Why Use Cane Furniture

Although you may associate this style of furniture with gardens and conservatories, it has now also become trendy and stylish for the insides of homes. It helps bring out a light and airy ambiance, reminding you of summer. If you are fed up with the gloomy weather outside then this can be a perfect pick-me-up inside; much needed if you have to spend more time indoors due to the rain.

Cane furniture is also elegant and individual. Style, grace and curvy lines achieved by master craftsmen will give you a unique piece that is rarely reproduced. Furniture made from this material is extremely tough despite its light weight and fragile nature. The interwoven cane gives a sturdy structure and long lasting durability. Importantly, cane is a highly affordable furnishing option, compared with other options such as wrought iron, stainless steel, glass or wooden furniture.


Furnishing Ideas for Cane Furniture

If you are wondering which part of your house can be furnished with cane, the answer is that it will suit just about everywhere. It is a highly versatile furnishing option and bound to bring a unique appeal and a natural, rustic charm to your home. Here are some parts of your home that can come alive with a charming piece of cane furniture.


  • The Bedroom – When you think of cane, you may think of its natural colour, but don’t forget that you can find cane furniture in a whole range of colours. This fabulous white cane bed from The White Company is a perfect example. It will transform the look of your bedroom, giving it a clean and romantic look and feel. Finish the look with a matching dresser and bedside cabinets. Most cane beds are made from wood and overlaid with cane, like the one in this example. This guarantees a long life and sturdy finish.


  • Living Room – Comfort, freshness and durability is what you can expect from cane furniture in your living room. You can opt for a 100% upholstered cane living room set or a cushioned cane set. You don’t need to compromise on comfort; in fact your guests may not wish to get up once they have ensconced themselves into one of your lovely, plush and comfortable cane loungers. Add in a colourful rug, a few cushions and flowers and your living room will be the envy of your visitors. Cane living room furniture comes in fully coordinated sets including centre tables and lounge chairs as well as the sofa sets to give a complete interior overhaul to your entertaining space.  As this material is also environmentally-friendly, it gives you opportunity to input your principles into your décor choices.


  • Dining Room – Most wooden or steel dining chairs are uncomfortable and make sitting down for meals a torture. Opting for cane, you will soon realise the additional advantage of comfort that this furniture can bring to your dining room chairs. Add matching a glass-topped table with a bowl of beautiful buds and blooming flowers for those finishing touches.


  • Outdoor Furniture – Furnishing your patio or conservatory in cane is the more traditional route, but doesn’t have to be boring. Due to its popularity in these spaces, there are plenty of different retailers of cane furniture to select from, each offering their own unique pieces in a variety of styles, patterns and shades. With cane furniture, your garden can be transformed into a picture perfect setting for outdoor entertaining or simply a place to relax and unwind for the family. Ensure your outdoor cane furniture has a weather proof finish and with its light weight, can be taken in with minimum difficulty.


Whichever room you are furnishing with cane, you will find that it is versatile and unique, durable and elegant.


Chani Muditha Thebuwana writes for the Lifestyle Blog of, the discount code blog that provides you with inspiration for furnishing your home on a budget.