Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Your walls are one of the largest aspects of a room and take up perhaps more space than any other element.While you might have more floor space in a particular room, you have four walls and so these are almost always going to win out.

However despite this fact many people nevertheless do not spend much time or consideration actually decorating their walls and are content to leave them rather plain. Even if people do hang things on their walls, these are often few and far between and tend to consist of the rather conventional pictures of plants and fruit. There are many more unique and interesting ways to decorate your walls so here we will look at what some of those are and how to really make the most of all that empty space.

The Walls Themselves

In terms of the actual walls you of course have the conventional options of just painting them a single block color, or using a wallpaper with a faint pattern. You can of course get many more interesting and varied wallpapersthough, so why not consider a more bold floral pattern, or perhaps a city scene at night or some other kind of more interesting picture. There are many options here that are more interesting and that will make more of the space so look around online for more interesting images.

If you are painting your walls meanwhile then this will give you an even bigger opportunity to experiment and to try some things of your own. For instance why not consider painting something onto the wall yourself other than just a block color? If you’re an artist then this will be great, but of course you can also opt for a simple pattern that doesn’t require an art degree – just some swirls or something can be nice and if you draw it on with pencil first then you can erase anything that doesn’t go well. If you have a friend meanwhile who is artistic then you could ask them the favor.


In terms of decorations you again have many options. For instance you can choose any kind of painting and why limit this just to things that you would find anywhere? Consider looking at modern art for instance, or browsing eBay which can lead to some rather unexpected finds. Again you could also consider going the DIY route and making something yourself for the wall. Again you don’t need to be an artist here for this to work – you can use photography for instance and hang a nice scenic shot from a holiday – or even add an artistic flair by splitting it across several canvases. Another creative option is to make a collage and this does not have to be a collage constructed just from photos – for instance it could be a collage of CD covers that you like attached together in a grid to demonstrate your music tastes.

There are also many things that you can hang from a wall that are not just pictures and these include numerous ornaments and hobbyist items. For instance a guitar can look great attached to a wall, as can an ornamental sword, or even a rug. Think outside the box, look around and see if you can attach anything in your eyeline to the wall. You may just surprise yourself…

Today’s guest post is written by Dave. He has tried many wall decor methods like floral wallpaper, CD collages, and photography wall for his clients.