Is Understated Furniture The New Statement?

I remember someone telling me that less is more on more than one occasion; less would have been better, trust me. It seemed the more I heard it, the less I wanted to hear it. Be that as it may, less is more when it comes to the latest fashions and home furnishing; or so it would seem. Basic black and white with or without a decided upon accent color seems to be making itself very well known as the popular décor in many of today’s luxury homes.

Simplicity Brings Charm!

(Photo credits: jinkazamah)

As seen in the picture, this bedroom is simplistic in nature yet speaks volumes due to the white accent. This particular black and beige with white accent is one of the more popular color schemes these days, if you can call it that. Interestingly, this is also a popular color scheme when it comes to formal attire. Black and white in and of itself is a simplistic combination and understated; yet so basic that it screams its contrast. The black and beige with white accent demands our attention; it says “look at me, I’m clean and tidy”. And seriously, who can argue? I mean just look at that bedroom setting. Who wouldn’t love to retire to that every evening? Rather than keeping your bedroom door shut when company comes over, you can actually make it one of the stops on the obligatory tour.

No Matter Where I Serve My Guests…

For whatever reason everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen; if that is, if you have a kitchen that is large enough to accommodate your guests. The old embroidered farmhouse saying “no matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best” is actually relatively accurate. So when your guests are done with that obligatory tour (during which you got to show off your understated bedroom) and they start to assemble in your kitchen/dining area, what will they see?

(Photo Credits: Mirage floors)

Nothing loud, fully utilitarian, simple yet elegant in its own way. Also, you may have noticed that it isn’t an unusually large kitchen. Not everyone has tons of space to work with. Of course if you have a separate dining area, you can do even more with that setting; but still keep that beautiful snack bar as a conversation area, a place for a quick snack or a spot for a couple of cocktails before dinner.

Dining rooms are an awesome opportunity to make a statement that either ties in with your living quarters, your kitchen; or makes a statement of its own. Depending on if your dining area is completely walled off from your kitchen and your living area (the living room), if it separated by half a wall, or if there’s no separation whatsoever, it can help to determine the décor that you choose to either match or break free of.

If there is no wall between the kitchen and the dining area, you might find yourself leaning toward staying within the boundaries of the kitchen décor. If your dining area is just off the living room, you can stay within the same lines of the living room décor but alter it slightly to either transition into an eating area which transitions into a kitchen (in case there are no walls separating any of these rooms); or simply transitions into an eating area with hints of the living room décor still intertwined.

Dining, Entertaining, Or Both!

If you have a dining area in your kitchen, it can remain as simplistic as the kitchen itself and if you’re lucky enough to have a separate dining area which is more of an entertainment type setting; you are free to do what you will with a more formal or entertainment oriented dining area. But if your dining or entertainment area is going to be kept within the lines of the “new less is more” way of thinking, there are some exquisite dining sets available on the market today.

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Here for instance, we see two basic colors; black and white. The red roses and carpet along with chrome finishing accent the black and white to take it from dull and mundane to stunning and fabulous. Understated yet entirely outspoken. The kitchen dining area on the other hand can be far less formal, possibly even a little fun; and most definitely tie in with the rest of the kitchen décor. This for instance, may be an option for the modernized kitchen shown above.

Isn’t it refreshing for a change to keep things simple, folks?

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