Celebrating The Convenience Of The Stacking Chair

What is the one piece of furniture you are likely to find in every venue? The best answer is the stacking chair. This little piece of furniture has evolved over the years from the cheap chair to buy, to the most versatile and convenient piece of furniture to possess.

What is the story behind stacking chairs?

The history of the stacking chair dates back to the early 20th century when innovation was the key word of the industrialization era. The first designs were invented as early as the 1920’s but it did not take root in the market until the end of the Second World War. The stacking chair became widely popular and today it is in homes, offices, churches, schools, auditoriums and so on. The list is endless.

Advantages of using stacking chairs

The greatest advantage of this chair is its ability to be stored in the least of space simply by piling or stacking in a trolley. This is enabled by its weight and ease in moving it around. It occupies very little space increasing tremendously the number of people any venue can hold. It is particularly convenient when sitting a huge number of people with budgetary considerations in mind.

It can seat a person for hours without them feeling the strain or getting uncomfortable. It is inexpensive yet lasts for years. Such benefits are the reason event planners are quickly adding this chair to their list of assets and not turning back.

The different types of stacking chairs

Stacking chairs come in various materials the most common being plastic wood and metal stacking chairs with plastic being the fastest selling in the market. The chairs can be made from one material all through or a mix of materials. The designs today are varied with one chair carrying more than one material at once.

The upholstery can be made of plywood, fabric, or plastic, vinyl cushioned with cloth. The frames on the other hand are mainly from strong plastic, aluminum or steel. Most providers of stacking chairs also avail trolleys or stacking holders when one purchases the chairs. The trolleys can transport approximately eight chairs at a time whereas the stacking holders give additional stability to the chairs when they are stacked high.

Why people love these chairs

These chairs are not only beneficial to the persons purchasing them for commercial purposes. The individual sitting on it also enjoys the comfort provided by these chairs. They no longer come in conventional upright designs but are curved to fit one’s body. Consider the comfort of your audience and give it top priority when buying a stackable chair. The environment and the length of time they will be seated determine their comfort. If they will sit for long hours, consider well-formed chairs and if possible those with additional padding.

If you chairs are mainly utilized during the night they consider one with a different material from metal at the sitting area, to prevent then feeling cold as they sit. Another factor to keep in mind is the style of the seats.  Get those that match well with the venue, be it your home or the office.

Phil Stew is an expert interior designer and writes blogs on renovating commercial spaces. His latest blog focuses on the review and information of Metal Stacking Chairs.