6 Great Tips To Choose Furniture For Your Living Room

The first room which leaves the impression on guests is your living room. If it has impeccable styling, no wonder you will leave a lasting impression on anyone, since it reflects your personal taste. It is also the room for bonding. Whole of family sits there in evening for chit chats or late night coffees and conversations. Therefore, it should have furniture which reflects positive attitude and is comfortable to sit around with every one’s requirements being fulfilled.

But then this doesn’t means that you need to spend thousands of dollars to make it look interesting. With only certain dos and don’ts you can simply make it look like a heaven. It must be designed appropriately so that it exudes sophistication charm and beauty.  Finding the right furniture that will meet all requirements can indeed get confusing and difficult task. Here is a quick guidelines t help you choose the correct furniture.

1. Planning

First and foremost thing is to find out your requirements of your family. If you have more of forma guests or you need the room of any chit-chats. If you have small infant babies then the planning needs to be done accordingly. It is imperative to know which style of living room you want before starting the shopping. The reason is there are wide array of choices available market and it can get overwhelming once you will start shopping without some basic idea in your mind.

2. Shape

The next thing is to decide which shape of sofa you are looking for. Walk n the living room and visualize the place where you need to have your sitting and then the side tables or armoires. You may want an L-shape sofa or a simple 5-seater. The most modern thing nowadays is the sleek furniture with neutral colors and low seating.

3. Coordination

Your furniture should match your home design. Each piece should coordinate with one other otherwise it will look like a dumping ground. You can group pieces in your room symmetrically, asymmetrically, on the diagonal, or radiating out from a specific point, to create different effects.

4. Color

If you have bold colors on wall, then try and go for neutral color furniture. This will not steal away the beautiful look of the wall but will enhance it. Also, neutral colors and small prints are never out of fashion, so you don’t have to worry to change your furniture every 2 years. Neutral colors are always inviting, so if you are going for formal style then only choose earthy and neutral colors. This will provide calmness while any discussion.

5. Fabric

If you have a naughty kid around, then expect some or the other stains over your furniture. This might get disheartening. Therefore, be wise and go for washable fabric. You can choose microsuede fabric, it is stain resistant and therefore, best choice in homes where there are kids or pets.

6. Accessories

After keeping the big pieces choose small piece which will accentuate your room and fulfill small-small need. For example, you can choose a magazine rack to assemble all your books spread all around the living room. Remember the big pieces are always supposed to be clean looks, but with accessories, you can modernize a lot. So a stylish armoire can be used to display a beautiful earthen pot. In this way it will pocket friendly.

Always remember to choose furniture from a good reputation store. The quality of furniture is very important, to have comfort with luxury. You can also choose to select pieces during sale from your favorite store. These small tips will definitely come handy while selecting the furniture for living room.

Nancy Rorie is a professional photographer from Baltimore. He is also a green lover who always use led lights and eco-friendly products in his home.