‘Shabby Chic’ – A Great Look For Any Bedroom

Bedrooms should be a relaxing space where people can unwind and recharge their batteries after a long day, and a great way of creating a calm and beautiful environment is to fill a space with items in keeping with the shabby chic trend.

Characterised by white or cream furniture which looks vintage or artfully worn, shabby chic has been a popular design look for years and a great base for a shabby chic scheme is a set of durable and quality pine furniture which can be spruced up to match the trend.

Pine furniture is ideal for the shabby chic look as its light finish makes it easy to paint over or buff to give more of a worn look. One of the easiest ways of achieving the classic shabby look is to paint two or more layers of cream or off-white paint onto a piece of pine furniture, wait for it to dry, and then use wire wool or sandpaper to give it a distressed finish. This will remove excess paint and leave patches which look vintage in style.

Before applying the paint the furniture should be thoroughly cleaned of grime or dust, and left to dry. If the furniture has been painted before, it is essential to get any remnants of paint or varnish off – for tricky areas like chair legs toothbrushes can be useful scrubbing tools.

When the right level of buffing and distressing has been achieved, pine furniture should be painted with some kind of paste wax to ensure that it remains in good condition and paint does not wear off over time.

A traditional pine table can easily be transformed into a shabby chic dressing table with a bit of elbow grease and the addition of some pretty perfume bottles, and a great matching item could be an upholstered stool.

Any floral patterns or ditzy prints match well with shabby chic furniture – why not head to your local vintage clothing store, or a charity shop, and see if you can pick up a flowery dress or polka dot item which can be recycled to make a stool covering?

Old chairs can easily be transformed into pretty dressing table seats with the addition of a new cushion or covering.

Other ideal finishing touches for a shabby chic bedroom include white or cream photo frames, gold accessories and mirrors with intricate detailing or edges. Opulent light fittings like chandeliers also look great teamed with shabby chic furniture.