How To Create The Perfect Sleeping Experience

Everyone needs to do it, health experts say you have to get 7-8 hours a day of it and it leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I am, of course, talking about sleep and it’s incredibly important to make sure you get the right amount, otherwise it can wear down your immune system, leave you feeling stressed, frustrated, unhappy and nodding off during the day.

If you’re losing sleep you need to do something about it and fast. This guide will help you to create the best atmosphere in order to fall asleep easily and start counting sheep happily every night.

The first and most important step is to have a comfortable and cosy bed. Without that, you might as well be sleeping on a bed of rocks.
To begin with you need a good, sturdy bed frame that can support you (and possibly your partner’s) weight. Depending on your personal preference this could either be a wooden, metal or maybe even a divan. You may also want to consider a bed with a headboard included: if you’re the type of person who is continually banging their head on things you’ll need a comfortable one because a plain wooden/metal one will bring a lot of pain.

The next stage is to buy that all important mattress, the focal point of your sleeping experience. You don’t want a cheap mattress where you can feel the springs digging into your back all the time and you’re needing to constantly turn it over. Instead, consider investing in a memory foam mattress, which moulds to the shape of your body while you sleep. You essentially sink into it and the mattress applies even pressure to your body at all points.

After that you’ll need to consider the bedding. It goes without saying that you’ll need fluffy and cosy pillows to help doze off so it’s very important to pick the right ones. You might sleep better with one pillow or two so that’s a consideration when thinking about your perfect pillow. One really thin pillow could leave you with an achey neck, but having two really thick pillows could be too excessive.

You’ll also need a comfortable duvet covers to complement the rest of your bedroom ensemble. Depending on whether you get hot or cold during the night, you’ll have to consider whether you want a duvet with a high or low tog rating. High tog duvets retain a lot of heat and are great if you normally get cold during the night.

To get the best sleeping environment you don’t want to let a lot of light in so if you can invest in some thick curtains or venetian blinds that will help. By following these steps you should hopefully be sleeping like a baby every night!

Guest author Joe Dart writes on behalf of Silkwood Silk, who specialise in a range of silk bedding, including silk duvets and pillowcases.