Furniture That Compliments Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are can be used in any room in your home. They are easy to clean and practically maintenance free. The trick to great home decorating is to know what kind of floor goes with what kind of decor. Hardwood laminate flooring is versatile and can be easily installed with the right tools and loving care. If you’re not handy, professional installers can come in and install the floors giving your home a showcase look with a stylish touch.

When choosing the type of laminate flooring you want in your home, keep in mind your style and decorating ideas. Homes with a country or rustic flair may do well with a darker stained hardwood, like oak or maple. More modern decorating styles will do better with a lighter stained wood. Boards can come in a variety of widths and sizes and can even be installed in customized patterns.

Once your flooring is in place, the next step is to choose the style of furniture that will compliment your flooring and enhance the room’s nuances. For people who prefer a modern more conventional look, furniture with metal accents or framework may be appealing. Cushions and upholstery coverings can be made from anything that fits the decor. Cotton/polyester blends, plush fabrics or leather can be used to accent other aspects of the decor in a room. Modern furniture can be abstract and defined by sharp edges or smooth curves. This type of decor works well with lighter stained floors that bring out the shape of a piece of furniture with contrast. In a modern style decor, almost any color can be used to brighten the room. White is suitable, especially in rooms where a person entertains guests or showcases works of art or paintings. Dark natural colors, such as maroon, navy blue, hunter green and dark gold are well suited for rooms with a country or rustic flair.

A home with rustic style decor and darker stained hardwood floors needs furniture that fits the rustic style. An overstuffed couch with leather upholstery, wooden frames and a rugged feel will blend in well with the country flair of the home. Rustic furniture tends to be of a more sturdy nature with solid framework and a well built feel to it. Lighter colored upholstery fabric can be used to bring out the dark hues of the stained wood flooring. Metal accents on the furniture and throughout the room will also add to the rustic feel of the room.

When choosing furniture for a specific room, the color, size and texture of the furniture will depend on what type of look you are going for. Lightly colored walls and light stained floors will do well with a delicate furniture style, while darker floors and medium to darker walls seem to fare better with heavier, bulkier pieces. A study or den for example that has dark, hardwood flooring and a deep red (for example) wall color would be well accented with a large, heavy oak or hardwood desk with matching furniture. This gives the room a serious, more studious feel.

A kitchen, on the other hand, with hardwood or laminate flooring and lightly stained or painted cabinets would do well with a sturdy, lighter weight material may stand out. Baked enamel or powder coat finished metal frames will help highlight the surrounding features within the kitchen. In a kitchen setting, the furniture will set the mood for the room. Lighter colors will bring out a brightness that leads to an uplifting feeling as the morning sun splashes into the room.

One of the most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing any type of furniture, especially that which is chosen to enhance the look of hardwood floors, is how easy it will be to maintain. It would be wise to choose an upholstery fabric that has been treated to prevent stains. The furniture can be treated with stain repellent before it is delivered and placed in your home. The same is true for leather furniture. Leather must be conditioned on a regular basis to keep it from drying out and cracking. Whatever type of furniture you choose to place in your home, make sure you understand how to care for it to help it retain its beauty and functionality. Just like a hardwood floor, furniture should also be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.