Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Furniture

Back injuries are a serious issue for millions of Americans. According to the American Chiropractic Association nearly half of all working Americans have complained of back pain in the last year. If you are suffering from back pain, moving furniture can be torture. I have worked with furniture companies on and off over the past 10 years and I have seen dozens of furniture moving disasters. Before your next move, protect your back and read “The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Furniture.”

Do: Measure before You Move

Picture this nightmare scenario: You lift a sofa halfway up a flight of stairs only to learn that not only is it too large to make it to its intended destination, it is also wedged in so tightly it will be impossible to move back down the stairs without destroying your walls. Too many people move furniture with an “I’ll make it fit” attitude. Unfortunately, science says that you won’t. Measure first and save yourself the headache.

Don’t: Lift Alone

Even if the lifting appears to be a one person job, never lift alone. Best case scenario, you will need someone to hold open doors and kick obstacles out of your way. Worst case scenario, you will need someone to call 911 after your mini fridge lands on your foot.

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Do: Use Tools

There are a variety of moving tools such as hand trucks, dollies and moving straps designed to help you move large items safely and efficiently. Hand trucks and dollies can usually be rented from the local hardware store. Moving straps are available online for between $20 and $50. By spending a few dollars now to get the right tools you can save yourself thousands in future medical bills.

Don’t: Use Painkillers before a Move

If you are already suffering from back pain or dealing with an injury, taking aspirin or another painkiller before moving a large piece of furniture is like requesting a more serious injury. When moving furniture you want to be able to feel every ache and pain. That way you will be able to tell the difference between normal soreness, cramps, and more serious injuries. If you think you need a painkiller in order to finish a job, you need to take a break and ask for help.

Do: Stretch and Warm Up before Lifting

Would you hit the gym, play your favorite sport or run a marathon without stretching and warming up your muscles? You should never try to move a large piece of furniture without first warming up and stretching. Moving furniture with cold muscles can quickly lead to muscle pulls, strains and worse.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Ask for Professional Help

We are all trying to cut corner and save money wherever we can, but sometimes you need to give in and spend some cash on professional help. If you suffer from back pain, or an item is just too difficult for you and your friends to carry, don’t risk your health. Make a call to a local moving company and get the job done right. Your body will thank you.
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