Designing a Garden With Eco Furniture

Throwing your trash in the right place and recycling aren’t the only things you can do for the environment. Nowadays, you can help save the Earth with your furniture. More and more people are becoming aware of eco friendly furniture and its benefits for the environment. This small but significant step towards promoting a better lifestyle is something that should be done by everyone.

In a nutshell, eco friendly furniture are those made from nontoxic and renewable materials through the use of processors and machinery that don’t cause harm to the environment. With all these benefits, you should definitely consider eco friendly furniture for both your garden and home.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home to make room for eco friendly furniture, here are a few tips that you should consider:


Buy Bamboo.

Native to countries of Southeast Asia, this perennial evergreen is used as a food source as well as building materials. Flooring, blinds, chairs, and other pieces of furniture can be made from bamboo and would look great in your deck or patio. They also vary in color – maroon, light brown, and green – which is why they’re guaranteed to match any surroundings. Bamboo is easily replenished and mature fast, so you don’t have to worry about them running out soon. They can also be grown without the use of pesticides.


Buy furniture made from reclaimed materials.

Illegal logging has been a problem for many years. For this reason, buy furniture made from discarded wood. Even Adirondack chairs look great when made from old wood. If you’re worried about durability, many types of wood are made to last through the years. Also, some homeowners like the look that old wood provides their home. Old wood also has a distinctive sheen on its surface called patina, produced by old age and wear. You’ve also significantly lessened the need to cut down more trees. Remember, even a small step makes a big difference.


Make use of recyclables.

This calls for a bit of creativity and DIY experience. Used soda cans, plastic bottles, and even bottle caps can be used to add more decoration to your garden. With just a few pieces of string, LED bulb and plastic bottles, you have your own DIY lamp for your garden. You can check tips online to get you started.


Look for vintage and local furniture.

You might not have thought of this, but buying furniture from somewhere means it has to be transported. Vehicles, which you need to transport furniture, are the number one cause of air pollution. Not only will you help save the Earth, but you saved up on shipping fees, too.

Buying vintage furniture is like buying furniture made from discarded wood. Fewer trees are taken down, and your garden looks a lot classier with this kind of furniture. Secondhand shops, antique stores, and vintage shops should be your target.


Buy durable furniture.

This will lessen the need to replace them over the years. And, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Remember, even a small step such as buying eco friendly furniture can do a lot to help save the Earth.