4 Ways to Make a Studio Apartment Feel Larger

Moving into a studio apartment – or any small living space – can be a challenge. The lack of typical rooms creates a conundrum of questions ranging from storage to living. While you may have to downsize the amount of possession that move into your apartment, it does not mean you’ll find yourself going stir-crazy in a tiny place. Here are a few tips for making a studio feel larger than it actually is.


While you may not be able to have a larger space, you can certainly create that illusion. Mirrors, of course, reflect light, which helps give the impression that a space is much larger than it actually is. There are a few ways to best utilize this trick. One is to hang a large mirror opposite your biggest source of light, like a large window; the mirror will give the impression of a second window, while spreading the light around the room. Hanging a mirror across from a large, focal piece of furniture can add depth, as well.


One of the hardest aspects of having a studio is the lack of rooms. Having rooms helps a space feel like a home and gives you the ability to move between spaces, rather than living in one large area. By organizing your furniture well and, perhaps, investing in a few useful pieces, you can compartmentalize your studio into “rooms.” A canopy bed is an excellent way to create a bedroom; just draw the curtains closed to section off that space. You can use your couches and bookcases to form your living space and separate it from the kitchen area. A decorative divider can do wonders in this process.

Light Colors

Dark colors in a small space make the room feel even smaller. In contrast, light colors can brighten and widen a room. Just like the mirrors, walls that are painting in pastel shades reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space. If dark colors are something you enjoy, consider painting just one wall in that shade; paint the other three walls a coordinating lighter hue.

Stay Organized

When knickknacks are cluttering countertops and clothes are covering the floor, even the largest room will feel small. That is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your studio organized and clean at all times. Ensuring your have storage space in a studio can be a challenge, however. Look for furniture pieces that can do double-duty, like storage cube ottomans.

Liz Childers works from home, so she is all too aware of the problems that can arise from an ill-organized studio set-up. She blogs about topics like, how to whittle with a Boker knife or how to hang a hammock